Paper pen is an amazing eco-friendly product that has immense potential to replace plastic pens to a great extent. Awareness and availability are the two criteria for its success. For awareness, Pure Living conducts training programs and campaigns. The machinery is sponsored by GOOD KARMA FOUNDATION. For easy availability, Pure Living has facilitated distribution of these pens at convenient stores in schools, bookstores, stationary shops, boutiques and other similar outlets. Pure Living has semi-automated the production process to improve the productivity and scale up production.

Paper pens are an amazing eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable pens. Good Karma Foundation supports the production of Rolapena paper pens while Pure Living conducts training and environmental awareness programs. At this time, the production of Rolapena creates employment for disenfranchised women and the differently abled in Kerala, India. Rolapena are currently in Indian schools, bookstores, stationary shops, and boutiques.

Rolapencil which saves trees as it utilizes used newspaper and can be sharpened using regular sharpener. Pure Living has also invented a pen rolling machine (patent pending) and set up a pen rolling unit for women in villages of Varanasi as a joint venture with Reliance and the International Institute of Waste Management (IIWM).

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