Crafting ‘Shayya’: The Creative Process Behind the Innovative Bedrolls

Ever wondered how something as simple as cloth scraps could be transformed into eco-friendly, sturdy bedrolls with the potential to make a significant impact? Enter “Shayya,” the innovative initiative by the Good Karma Foundation that masterfully transforms surplus material from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gowns into affordable, waterproof bedrolls. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process that brings ‘Shayya’ to life.

Step 1: Braiding the Foundation

Three pieces of scrap cloth are placed side by side, carefully intertwined to form the initial braid. This foundational braid serves as the starting point of the bedroll.

Step 2: Extending the Length

As the braid nears its end, additional scraps of cloth are introduced, seamlessly integrated into the ongoing braid. The process continues, with more cloth scraps being added and braided until the length reaches an impressive 25 meters.

Step 3: Crafting the Bed’s Structure

The elongated braid is then arranged in a zigzag pattern, and the next phase begins. Using more scrap cloth, the bed’s structure is carefully formed. The end goal is to achieve a bed that measures 6 feet in length and 2.5 feet in width.

Step 4: Ensuring Durability

The loose ends of the cloth are identified and securely tied together. This final step ensures the bed’s sturdiness and longevity.

“The method requires no thread or needle, and the bed remains strong and sturdy. The material is water-proof, and it can be cleaned by washing in soap water and allowing it to dry,” explains Lakshmi Menon, the visionary force behind ‘Shayya.’

Lakshmi further reveals the scalability and economic value of the initiative. From a modest production unit equipped with 6 tonnes of cut-waste material, an astonishing 2400 Shayyas can be created. The comparison is striking – the cost of Rs.12 lakh required for traditional cloth bedding can be replaced with the sustainable and cost-effective solution offered by Shayya.

The brilliance of ‘Shayya’ extends beyond its creation process. These eco-friendly bedrolls, apart from being utilized in COVID care centers, hold the potential to provide comfort to homeless individuals who are compelled to sleep on hard surfaces. It’s a testament to the initiative’s versatility and the positive change it strives to achieve.

In a world where innovation is sought after more than ever, ‘Shayya’ stands as a testament to resourceful thinking and meaningful solutions. Through this initiative, the Good Karma Foundation once again demonstrates its commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities and creating a brighter, more compassionate world.

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