Lakshmi Menon: Crafting Hope and Change Amidst Crisis

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In an era where consuming news can often weigh heavy on the heart, individuals like Lakshmi Menon, a social entrepreneur, take on the role of transformative catalysts. They see each crisis as an opportunity – a chance to unite people through innovative design and impactful change-making. Amidst a pandemic and a growing climate emergency, when […]

Quilt India Samman: Stitching Hope for New Beginnings

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As part of the expansive Quilt India Movement 2020, a poignant vertical emerged last December, touching the lives of both artisans and new mothers in need. Quilt India Samman, driven by a profound purpose, stands as a testament to the unifying force of compassion, weaving together threads of support for those affected by the pandemic’s […]

Quilt India Movement 2020: Stitching Together Hope and Support

Amidst the challenges that unfolded in the wake of the pandemic, the Good Karma Foundation has unveiled a transformative initiative that resonates with resilience and unity – the Quilt India Movement 2020. Spearheaded by social entrepreneur Lakshmi Menon, this movement exemplifies a spirit of collective consciousness, compassion, and empowerment. With a rallying cry of “In […]