Crafting ‘Shayya’: The Creative Process Behind the Innovative Bedrolls

Ever wondered how something as simple as cloth scraps could be transformed into eco-friendly, sturdy bedrolls with the potential to make a significant impact? Enter “Shayya,” the innovative initiative by the Good Karma Foundation that masterfully transforms surplus material from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gowns into affordable, waterproof bedrolls. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process […]

Transforming PPE Scraps into Affordable Bedrolls for a Cause

The Good Karma Foundation proudly introduces “Shayya,” a groundbreaking initiative that not only addresses two critical challenges but also exemplifies the power of upcycling and community care. The heart of Shayya beats with the vision of Lakshmi Menon, fueled by her passion for positive change, Shayya sets out to tackle the pressing issues of responsible […]

Shayya: Bridging Sustainability and Compassion in Bedding Solutions

shayya gkf

In the evolving landscape of conscious living and responsible philanthropy, the Good Karma Foundation takes a remarkable stride forward with its innovative initiative – Shayya. This groundbreaking project seeks to address two pressing issues that have gained prominence in recent times: efficient waste management and the scarcity of bedding at COVID care centers. As the […]

Crafting Opportunities: Empowerment Journey with Shayya

In the heart of Kerala, a powerful initiative named Shayya is quietly transforming lives while addressing pressing challenges. At the helm of this endeavor is Lakshmi Menon, a visionary with a heart dedicated to positive change. Through Shayya, Lakshmi not only provides sustainable bedding solutions but also champions employment opportunities for local women in need. […]