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Ammoommathiri: Lighting up lives of many senior citizens

Ammoommathiri, a radiant light shines upon the lives of countless senior citizens. This transformative initiative, borne from compassion and dedication, holds the power to infuse purpose and brightness into the golden years of those residing in old-age homes.

At the core of “Ammoommathiri” is the luminous spirit of Bhavani Amma, the beloved grandmother of Lakshmi Menon, who has earned the esteemed ‘Vanitha Woman of the Year’ award. Bhavani Amma’s story embodies the initiative’s essence – a commitment to weaving wicks for oil lamps. Her dedication and enthusiasm paved the way for the empowerment of senior citizens, providing them the means to craft wicks that carry not only light but also hope.

With every wick fashioned, Bhavani Amma’s legacy of generosity and kindness continues to shine. Her gesture of creating extra wicks to share among loved ones resonates deeply, reflecting her innate desire to contribute and spread warmth. As the initiative expanded to supply wicks to temples across India, Bhavani Amma’s impact transcended geographical boundaries, extending her sense of fulfillment to places her feet couldn’t physically tread.

Through “Ammoommathiri,” the legacy of Bhavani Amma lives on, illuminating the lives of senior citizens in old age homes. This initiative provides a purposeful activity that not only occupies their time but also generates an additional source of income. By rolling wicks for prayer lamps, they engage in a process that brings solace to their hearts and light to their surroundings.

As “Ammoommathiri” continues to empower the elderly, it stands as a beacon of compassion and change. It echoes Bhavani Amma’s enduring values and the desire to uplift lives, reminding us that even a small act can have a profound impact. With every wick created, “Ammoommathiri” symbolizes the power of unity and the radiance that comes from brightening the lives of others.

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