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Wicks Made by People of Wisdom: Embracing the Spirit of Wicksdom

Presenting “Wicksdom,” an initiative that shines a spotlight on the profound wisdom and purpose that resides within our elders. Developed by the Good Karma Foundation in collaboration with Ammommathiri, this heartwarming endeavor empowers residents of old age homes by providing them the means to craft wicks for oil lamps. Every delicate thread they weave carries not just their experience, but also their enduring spirit of contribution.

Ammommathiri, known as “Wicksdom,” pays homage to these extraordinary individuals who have journeyed through life’s chapters, carrying a treasury of knowledge and insight. Through this initiative, these remarkable souls find a meaningful outlet for their talents, channeling their time into an activity that holds both purpose and value. By crafting wicks for oil lamps, they not only find solace in their efforts but also contribute to their own livelihood.

ammoommathiri gkf

The story of Ammommathiri began with a simple yet profound inspiration – an 88-year-old grandmother who meticulously fashioned wicks for prayer lamps. The idea of creating additional wicks to share with loved ones ignited a spark of joy within her, underscoring her desire to continue contributing and being part of something larger than herself. As this initiative expanded to supply wicks to temples across India, her sense of accomplishment extended to distant places her feet couldn’t tread.

The process, elegantly straightforward, begins with the provision of raw materials at no cost to these wise individuals. With lifetimes of experience, no specialized training is necessary, as they deftly roll the wicks, infusing each one with care and intention. These meticulously crafted wicks find their way to temples, homes, and institutions, kindling the light of both traditional practices and sustainable empowerment.

Beyond the creation of wicks, Ammommathiri, or “Wicksdom,” brings forth an unexpected yet delightful benefit. The act of rolling wicks engages their fingers in an acupuncture-like exercise, contributing to their physical well-being in addition to their emotional satisfaction.

In essence, Ammommathiri, or “Wicksdom,” illuminates the path of purposeful living for those who have traveled far along life’s journey. It reminds us that wisdom is not merely the sum of years but a continuous thread that can enrich lives and communities. Through each wick lovingly fashioned, Ammommathiri symbolizes the enduring light that wisdom brings to every corner it touches.

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