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Bhavani Amma: The Guiding Light Behind ‘Ammoommathiri’

In the heartwarming narrative of ‘Ammoommathiri,’ there exists a luminous figure who ignited the spark of inspiration – Bhavani Amma. This remarkable woman, the grandmother of Lakshmi Menon, the recipient of the prestigious ‘Vanitha Woman of the Year’ award, stands as the guiding light that led to the inception of this transformative initiative.

Bhavani Amma, with her wisdom and grace, played a pivotal role in breathing life into ‘Ammoommathiri.’ As the loving grandmother of Lakshmi Menon, Bhavani Amma embarked on the beautiful journey of crafting wicks for oil lamps. It was her commitment and enthusiasm that paved the way for the expansion of this endeavor, which empowers elderly individuals in old age homes to engage in a purposeful activity.

In crafting wicks for prayer lamps, Bhavani Amma not only contributed to her own sense of fulfillment but also set a shining example for others. The simple act of creating additional wicks to share with loved ones encapsulated her desire to continue being a beacon of generosity and kindness. Her enthusiasm radiated further when the initiative expanded to supply wicks to temples across India, bringing her sense of accomplishment to distant places her feet couldn’t physically reach.

Indeed, Bhavani Amma’s legacy of compassion, determination, and selflessness resonates through ‘Ammoommathiri.’ The initiative, born from her dedication, now empowers elders in old age homes to find solace in meaningful activity and generate an additional source of income. As Lakshmi Menon’s grandmother, Bhavani Amma exemplifies the values that have guided ‘Ammoommathiri’ in its mission to create positive change, one wick at a time.

In honor of Bhavani Amma’s profound impact and the ripple effect, she set in motion, ‘Ammoommathiri’ continues to stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of those who inspire us to make a difference.

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