Ammoommathiri: Lighting up lives of many senior citizens

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Ammoommathiri, a radiant light shines upon the lives of countless senior citizens. This transformative initiative, borne from compassion and dedication, holds the power to infuse purpose and brightness into the golden years of those residing in old-age homes. At the core of “Ammoommathiri” is the luminous spirit of Bhavani Amma, the beloved grandmother of Lakshmi […]

Bhavani Amma: The Guiding Light Behind ‘Ammoommathiri’

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In the heartwarming narrative of ‘Ammoommathiri,’ there exists a luminous figure who ignited the spark of inspiration – Bhavani Amma. This remarkable woman, the grandmother of Lakshmi Menon, the recipient of the prestigious ‘Vanitha Woman of the Year’ award, stands as the guiding light that led to the inception of this transformative initiative. Bhavani Amma, […]

Wicks Made by People of Wisdom: Embracing the Spirit of Wicksdom

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Presenting “Wicksdom,” an initiative that shines a spotlight on the profound wisdom and purpose that resides within our elders. Developed by the Good Karma Foundation in collaboration with Ammommathiri, this heartwarming endeavor empowers residents of old age homes by providing them the means to craft wicks for oil lamps. Every delicate thread they weave carries […]

Dia – Lighting up the lives of Widows of Vrindavan

Dia is a documentary that sheds light on a remarkable journey – one that illuminates not just physical spaces, but also hearts and spirits. Focusing on an old age home in North India, the documentary captures the transformative impact of “Ammommathiri” as introduced by the visionary Lakshmi Menon. In the picturesque town of Vrindavan, where […]